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Product description

The natural sterilizing and antistaling agent is the result of bamboo bio-chemical sci-tech developed commonly by our company for 5 It is a new-style natural food additive gathering bacteria-inhibition, sterilization and anti-oxidation together, whose main component is bamboo extract---bamboo anti-

Usage: It is mainly used in sterilizing and antistaling aquatic products, meat products and vegetables, having strong bacteria-inhibiting and sterilizing effect on bacteria, large intestine bacilli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella,


Food and beverage: All food materials, knives, chopping blocks, vessels, water tools, rags, workbenches and

Food processing: All food primary material, food processing transmitting belt, utensils and processing

Family: Insect prevention, deodorization and sterilization to fish, meat, vegetables, utensils, tables, kitchen,

Public: Deodorization and sterilization to armrest of lift, counters in marketplaces, theatre seats and

Human body: Bath, protecting skin, sterilization, and relieve


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