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Product description

Product Name: Star Auto Scanner
Net Weight: 12KG

As modern vehicle computer-controlled systems are becoming more and more sophisticated, correctly identifying the problems in different makes of vehicles is becoming more and more challenging, especially when computer-controlled systems from one manufacturer may be different from the Moreover, in order for today's automotive service professionals to survive, a timely diagnostics is very Keeping these two objectives in mind, star auto scanner can fulfils the needs of our independent service technicians by providing full access of OEM-level diagnostic information for European and Asian Star will allow your business to expand by providing timely diagnosis of a broad range of systems for the most popular foreign cars, including Mercedes- Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, GM and many All in one package, star will bring your diagnostics experience to the next

STAR software upgrades ensure that your STAR auto scanner is always at its Our experienced and dedicated staff will support your Technicians and offer advice and information to help resolve the most demanding vehicle diagnostic

The Star Diagnostic provides full access for automotive repair at the OEM
-Full component
-Setting of adaption
-Coding of the new control
-Read & Change ECU

Auto Diagnostics
-Multiple task support
-Wide colour touch screen
-Printing Function Supported
-Online updating
-Unrestricted CF card downloading
-Large automobile maintenance database

Product Function
-Printout function
-Live data graphic display
-Circuit diagram reference
-Internet update function
-Education Demo with projector
-Multiple language display function

Technical Parameter
-128 MB CF card
-Built-in USB port
- colour touch screen
-I/O of main unit: standard serial port RS232
-Microprocessor of 32 bit with 60MHz frequency

Autosky science and technology



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