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Standard Expanded Metal

Product description

Commonly rhombic opening (diamond opening) is regarded as the traditional
standard mesh opening types for expanded PuRuiSe Expanded Metal
Factory can supply standard expanded metal mesh and irregular expanded
metal in carbon steel and other We can also design some special
patterns expanded metal for decorative fencing and other

Expanded Metal can serve as a kind of substitute for perforated metal materials and it find most uses as fences, windows decoration, ventilation devices, shelves, racks, cages and some decoration

Standard expanded metal provides a high strength to weight ratio, and is often used to protect machines or people, by stopping a specific size material from entering a specific All Metals such as Stainless Steel Alloys, Aluminum, Titanium, Steel, & Cooper, can all be expanded into rhombic opening for various uses including enclosures, support, protection, decoration or

Common Materials for Standard Expanded Metal
Standard Expanded Metal - Carbon steel
Standard Expanded Metal - Aluminum
Standard Expanded Metal - Stainless steel

Standard Product Range