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Product description

Rubber gasket is cut from NBR,SBR,CR, rubber gasket have resisttance of oil,Some rubber gasket is used in cold fever,Some rubber gasket has anti-aging are various shapes of rubber gaskets are widely used in medicine, electronics, Chemical, anti-static, fire-retardant, food and other Other rubber gaskets: neoprene rubber gaskets, natural rubber gaskets, EPDM rubber gaskets, acrylic plastic rubber gaskets and other special rubber
There are Silicon rubber gasket,Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber gasket(NBR rubber sheet),Fluorine rubber gaskets, we know,the rubber gasket is the rubber gasket is unable to bear more high rubber gasket will be out of we can insert some fibre cloth into the gasket sheet to enhance the sealing capability of rubber glass fibre cloth or net,polyester cloth/net is widely used in rubber even can insert some metal sheet into the rubber special