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Product description

a quality control company based in Our company is one of main actor among the quality control agencies in We are an independent third party quality controlagency (QC services) and we only focus on quality control solutions(inspection, audit and quality assurance).

AQF core services are quality control inspection(soft goods, hard goods and E&E equipment)and factory audit. We also help our clients to determine their product quality needs and obtain the relevant product certifications (international standards of quality control)required in order to safely import their goods from

We offer many different kind of quality control servicesin china : container inspection, pre-shipment inspection, supplier verification, production monitoring, simple/extensivefactory audit and many Our feesstart at 268 USDper man-day all inclusivefor inspections and audits in China!

Thanks to our extensive coverage area, we can check the quality of your product in any factory in China in

We already inspect the majority of consumer productsfor clientscoming from all around the

If you’re ready, simply register on our websitethen provide us with your quality specifications & criteria online while booking your desired service of quality

You can also contact us at for any