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Product description

PTFE(Teflon) Skived Film Acrylic PSA Tape is made of skived PTFE film, with a high temperature pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive Acrylic adhesive backing offers much better bond strength than silicone adhesive It has two types: one has lining, the other hasn' It adheres reliably in a temperature range of -76° to +275°F (-60° to 135°C).While this material lacks the dimensional stability and abrasion resistance of other tapes, it has excellent chemical resistance and superior release characteristics, low friction and non-stick properties consistent with standard PTFE Fiberglass
Its unique advantages:
Exceptional flexibility and conformity to irregular surfaces
High elongation properties
Can be elongated up to 300% of its original size
Operational stability from -76° to +275°F (-60° to 135°C) with a acrylic adhesive
This tape has received wide acceptance in both military and industrial applications which require very persistent Its high elongation properties are useful where conformability is PTFE tape excels as a wire wrap and insulation tape for high dielectric and high temperature For mechanical applications and all purpose use, PTFE tape offers superior low friction and non-stick


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