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Product description

Dear Sir, Madam
We Gujarat Multi Gas Base Chemicals Ltd, an ISO: 9001:2000 Certified & D&B D-U-N-S-: . we are manufacturer of Precipitated silica Powder & Granules-Silicon Dioxide as application for Rubber-Mansil-125, Mansil-130, Mansil-160, Mansil-175, Mansil-190, Battery Seperator Mansil-210, Toothpaste & Oral Care, Cosmetics, Mansil-THK, Mansil-ABR, Ink, Paint, Mansil-PI, Pharma Grade Mansil-PRM, Plastic Masterbatche Mansil-PMB, Food-Salt-anticaking grade Mansil-AC(Food), Feed Grade Mansil-FE (Feed), Agro-Pesticides Mansil-PST, Fodd Grade Mansil-THK(G)-Food, Detergent Mansil-DTG, Activated Alumina AD-101,Molecular sieves Type 3A, Type-4A, Type-5A,Type-13-X, Type 13X-LTG, Zeolite- Sodium Alumina silicate, Silica Gel, Zeolite Det Biild-150-DETERGENT GRADE, and Bleaching Earth ( Bleach 9 & Bleach Super for refining of all edible oil & non edible oil), Sodium silicate solid & liquid, Bentonite , Aqua Zeolite, Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP) having our production facility in worlds largest capacity growing area in the State of Gujarat, India

Kanu Patel
Gujarat Multi Gas Base Chemicals
, Mehsana Vijapur Road,
Palavasna, Mehsana-384003,
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