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Product description

It’s possible to choose RM series single extruder with different Based on different characteristics of plastic materials, the degassing type screw & barrel can be Double-throttle design for hanger- style die makes the adjustment of sheet thickness more Vertical or 45°steep style design for three-roller calendar, dynamoelectric or manually slightly with mould temperature control with oil; Inverter control for hauling-off unit, synchronous with the extruder; rewinding unit is operated in double-station central re-winding method, with air expanding shaft, all of above units caused a high level of It is applicable to the Product of plastic sheets such as PP, PE, HIPS and ABS, for the purpose of various thermal form products such as cold drink cup, jelly cup, yogurt cup, ice cream cup, fast-food case, and plastic packing products for pharmacy, light in-dustry, metals and toys And equipped with embossing roller, ABS embossed plates can be used as perfect decoration