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Product description

We introduce ourselves that we are a knitwear manufacturer and supplier based in We produce & supply T-Shirt, Polo shirts, Mercerized Golfshirt, Tank Top, Hooded Sweatshirt, Pyjamas, Kids Rompers / Onesies in 100% cotton, cotton/lycra, cotton/viscose and other We can develop any style according to the customer's Pattern & Specification using with Lectra

Also we produce garments using with Organic Cotton & Natural Bamboo Clothing made from bamboo becomes Bamboo clothing is also anti static, so it sits very well next to our skin, not clinging to It's also UV protective, it cuts out 98% of harmful UV Bamboo has unique antibacterial, deodorant, coloration, elasticity, drapability, and wearability

We do all type of screen printing, embroidering and Tie-Dye works as per the customer's We do different type of garment washing such as Acid wash, Marble wash, Enzyme wash, Bio wash, Silicon wash, UV Protection Finish, Anti-Microbial Finish for garment Visual effect and Hand


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