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Product description

grade:NV A 36,NV D 36,NV E 36,NV A 40, NV D 40,NV E 40


* 1500--4000 * 3000--18000 mm(according to customers requirments,this scope can be expanded)

Adopting standards: ASME ..

Services:Pretreatment(derusting,lacquering, Painting,Sand clusting)

heat treatment ( Q&T, N,T,A,Q,N+T ),test( UT,HIC,Impact test, PWHT Z15, Z25, ..)Cutting, Welding ,galvanization

time:generally20--40 days

(our delivery date will be must faster according to your inquirement)

Payment term:T/T,L/C

Trading term:FOB,CIF,CFR,CNF

Production capacity:10000mt/month



Country of Origin:
Industrial Sector: