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Mini Boligrafo Grabador con Camara Espia Incorporada

Product description

Mini-Boligrafo con Camara incorporada

Boligrafo grabador con camara Ultraliviano, ideal para llevar a todos Usted puede poner su camara en cualquier lugar y nunca se perdera de

Que incluye nuestra Oferta?
● Boligrafo con camara espia y grabador de voz
● USB cable
● USB manual

● Caja para Regalo: Opcional


● Medidas:150mm*15mm*15mm
● Peso:30g
● Ulta delgado, lo que permite usos
● Ideal para usar como camara o como camara
● Tiempo de grabacion real con formato
● Video en color, que te permite ver, quien esta hablando y quien dijo tal cosa

● Construido con bateria No necesita Ideal
● Memoria Interna:1 GB or 4GB
● Puede Reproducirlo en Video o en la PC

Parametros tecnicos de la camara

● Video compression : AVI video format,352*288
● Graba Voz: SI
● Memoria Interna: Yes
● Flash:1 GB or 4 GB
● Tamano de archivo de video; menos de 500KB per min
● Modo de grabacion :Grabacion continua o hasta que manualmente se le de STOP
● Tipo de Adaptador: USB adaptador-con cable de carga electrica
● Battery type : Lithium-ion
● Tiempo de Grabacion: Hasta 3h
● Duracion de Bateria: Alrededor de 90-100minutos

Manual De uso

Starting your Mini Pen Interview Recorder

Step 1:
Press the switch, it begins to kinescope as soon as being turned The blue light will turn on during
Step 2:
Press the switch again, it will begin to save data and then turn off, at this time, the light turns to yellow, reflect that the pen DVR is at sleeping status(that means do not kinescope or shut down neither).
Step 3:
If need to kinescope again, press the switch once more, then can come back to kinescope , during this time ,the light will turn to blue
Step 4:
Hold down the switch for 5s , then the power switch is off ,after shutting down the pen DVR , there is no guide
Step 5:
When finish charging the battery , the light stops glittering and the yellow light keeps on ,which means that battery is fully
Step 7:
It will turn off itself when the battery has been used And will save the kinescoped files before automatically shutting


Harmonized commodity:
HS 481950: Paper and paperboard; packing containers, including record sleeves, of paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding or fibres, n.e.c. in heading no. 4819
Country of Origin:
Industrial Sector: