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Product description

metal stamping

Tool design and build
We can Design and build of progressive dies and composite dies, insert dies, two shot molds, Gas-assistant injection molds, unscrewing molds, and hot runner

Independent plated and finish treatment room
We are able to finish the following treatment by ourselves:

Plated: Nickel, zinc, tin, gold, silver, chromium
Spray, spraytron, paint

State-of-the-art pressroom equipment and facilities
We have the following equipment: CNC punching machine (55sets for 30-160tons and 5 sets for over 160tons), CNC bending machine, CNC clipper, CNC lathe, 3sets Open Back Incline Press, Grinding machine, Linear machine, Production-line spray painting equipment, turning
We can also provide Prototype for testing prior to
1) Metal stamping for Automotive
2) Metal stamping for Electronic parts
3) Metal stamping for Construction and Architecture
4) Deep-draw