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MBL 1611

Product description

A few bits more …

… make a crucial difference, distinguishing an outstanding, conventional D/A converter from the top-grade product from our company – the mbl The days are long gone where 16 bits/ 1 kHz constituted a sound barrier for recording on digital media: Audio DVD and SACD allow a resolution of up to 24 bits at a signal bandwidth which has been doubled in size, thereby offering the kind of unadulterated, pure audio experience which has previously been the exclusive reserve of live The sonorous ambience of the bits and bytes is thus transformed onto the acoustic stage of absolute musical

Realistic sound – Dreamlike vision: As with all MBL components, the mbl 1611 also encompasses the latest technology in a noble The highly-aesthetic design synonymous with MBL manifests itself through selected materials, lavishly crafted in our own plant according to rigorous quality

Solid brass pedestals and 24-carat hard gold plating for switches and buttons are merely two of the various components of the beguiling elegance of the D/A converter mbl 1611 which satisfy the demanding standards of the high-end sector: The MBL

The mbl 1611 equips you for the new media in the world of sophisticated high-end music The multiple award-winning D version of our converter possesses not only an input receiver with 24 bits 96/192 kHz, but the digital filter and the converter itself operate according to the resolution and frequency demanded by the latest Reliable examinations carried out by the AES (Audio Engineering Society) have proven that the human ear possesses a resolution capacity corresponding to a digital grading of 5

Only a consistent data width of 24 bits, as provided by the E version of the mbl 1611, provides you the listener with access to the refined nuances of any musical genre – be it the soft piano-pianissimos from Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune”, the splendid subtleties of jazz “blue notes” or the earth-shattering opulence of straussian orchestral Music lovers who, in view of the limited dynamics of older silver discs, had to constantly fear that human voices ring out of a void, for example, can now rest at MBL provides the latest technology for the service of acoustic well-being, secure in the knowledge that every – absolutely every – detail can be rendered Nothing remains concealed from the mbl

Even familiar works on old sound-carriers glitter with a new radiance, giving you a new listening experience, a musical CDs which have been recorded in the conventional fashion also contain information which is stored without distortion well below the digital resolution of 16 This is achieved using dithering ( in noise shapers) during recording and These signals can be reproduced in a similar non-distorted manner only through the high-resolution converter module in the mbl

Whoever is prepared to settle for less relinquishes nuances, forsaking the acoustic precision which transforms music into a realistic

Years of research have led to the development of the D/A converter mbl 1611, a product whose technical finesse has yet to be Needless to say, this fact is not only accounted for by the use of innovative

The rigorous processing of the most exclusive components to be found on the market also ensures the high level of quality of the digital-analogue The mbl 1611 thus contains three similarly constructed, low-scatter toroidal core transformers which are magnetically shielded with M/U metal and which are insulated using sophisticated protective shield They guarantee a minimum of bothersome interference by using a mains current at a maximum of constant power supply which are indispensable for non-distorted In addition to the constantly high level of data width, the device offers a low-noise reference supply point at the D/A converter level as well as a low impedance and fast “switch capacitator” level which reproduces the scanned signal in a perfectly synchronised and non-distorted

“Input poverty” is an alien term for our high-end Whatever number of CD, DVD and Laserdisc players you may wish to connect, whichever standard you may favour – the mbl 1611 is equipped for all It provides you with 10 digital inputs, 2 of which are AES/EBU, 2 x SP/DIF to Cinch, 2 x S/P-DIF to BNC, 2 x optical fibres to ST and 2 synthetic conductors to Fans of Super Audio CD (SACD) technology have the option of fitting an SACD Two digital outputs offer the possibility of additional digital processing of the

Two further interesting options: the variable, analogue output module in conjunction with the analogue input module (for two analogue sources, 1 x symmetrical to XLR and 1 x unsymmetrical to Cinch per channel) offer the possibility of doing without a separate pre-amplifier, thereby electing your 1611 to be the cornerstone of your

The selection of exclusive components, the attention to detail during crafting and the latest in technology make the mbl 1611 into a D/A converter which not only conforms with the highest standards, but conversely also sets the standard: Its stunning, dare I say incomparable depth-staggering and delight in detail unfolds above all through the harmonious interaction with other components of absolute quality – for example our mbl 1621 drive, the 9011 power amplifier or the revolutionary mbl 101E Treat yourself to the mbl 1611 and indulge it with the other high-end products from our

For the immaculate production of digital music worlds within your own four

Guarantee of ten years for parts, labour and

"If you´re heavily interested in Red Book CD, you may not know how good it can get until you audition this pricey-but-worth-it transport and DAC from If there is better CD playback, JV hasn´t heard it – and he´s heard and reviewed some mighty fine CD and SACD It isn´t just the magical level of musical detail – much of it previously unheard – that this combo is capable of eliciting from silver disc, nor its unusually lifelike timbres, nor the unparalleled extension, definition, and slam of its It is the MBL´s overall gestalt – the analog-like taste of dimensionality and solidity that it adds to virtually every CD – that truly No, the 1621/1611 isn´t a Walker turntable; it is darker, less delicately detailed, airy, bloomy, and 3-D than great analog That said, it comes as close to LP´s virtues as any CD player JV has had in his system, with the bonuses of CD´s superior bass, sea-swell large-scale dynamics, lightning transients, and often astonishing clarity". Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound Magazine


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