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Product description

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Guangxi Wuzhou DentalChina

New design of the cartoon not only lovely but also bring funny to the children, .From the psychological science,this design consider the children will fear when treating ,through the humanity design ,the cartoon design will attract the children’s attention to disregard fear and without tension when being the whole operation can be carried out with , this mould take the dinosaur as the patient’ s chair that can be moved automatically by control with the apple side box and connectted with a cartoon fish instrument design but draw children ’s attention,simple and stable system get the dentists’favor and Also, plus the color allocated by the perfessional designer, this mould looks more fasion and

standard layout:

dinosaur chir1pc

4holes highspeed handpiece tubing2pcs

4holes lowspeed handpiece tubing1pc

operation light 1pc

fish instrument tray 1pc

three way syringe1pc

automatic heating water supply 1set

centre suction system 1 set

cuspidor 1pc

big X-film viewer 1set

foot control1pc

standard option:

KAVO handpiece or handpiece made in China

scaler (import or made in China)

curing light(import or made in China)

dental compressor withou oil

six way syringe (Intaly import)


Harmonized commodity:
HS 901849: Dental instruments and appliances; other than dental drill engines
Country of Origin:
Industrial Sector: