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Product description

Principle: Seal seam sealing tape onto the waterproof products to prevent water, this machine warms up (heats up) the heat-sealing tape by hot air, applies pressure by uninterrupted run of pinch wheel,and perfectly stitches the tape onto seams of waterproof shoes (or other products) so as to achieve sealing purpose and

Technical Parameter:

Power Supply AC~220V 50Hz
Rating Efficiency
1800 W

Heat Control
Infinitely Variable Up to 700oC

Standard 2~24m/min Infinitely Variable

Compressed Air

Pressure Roller Width
25 mm Standard

Width of Adhesive Tape
Standard 14mm~22mm

Upper Roller Lift
18 mm~25 mm

Exterior Size
Width 600 mm Length 1300 mm Height 1530 mm

Net Weight
140 Kilograms

Prevention Against Jumping Over Sewing Work
Thereare adjustable devices to prevent the gun from jumping over the seamedsection when the gun is moving in inward with the idle wheel starting,or when the gun moving outward with the idle wheel

Features of Model V-5 Electronics:

by programmable PLC,displays the digital setting by soft-touch screen processes to bemodified at any time according to users

controllable temperature, highly stability, temperature vary between ± 2oC, the upper limit temperature with alarming

fading to avoid blank space of sealing Auto clippedtape, sending tape and auto completed, to decrease the wastage

design controlling by feet at ease, suitable for long working according to physical

possible of working 24 hours continuously and produce highly

heated tube, unique wind machine supplying with wind, absolutely no water and

with the down column suitable of any sizes of water proofproducts close sealing pressure belt, such as gusset, collapsible, capand waterproof bag