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Product description

This bag is made with Imported tapes and

Extremely practical and youthful model, developed in jean with satin ribbons in floral design, in addition, each flower is handmade organza tape that give a high

It has two wooden handles and for added safety has two closures one outside and the other inside as a secret pocket where you can buy keep your wallet

The bag has a resistance to store A4 notebooks, blocks, agenda and also a wallet in your pocket with

Base: 5 inches10 inches

Length: 12 inches x Width: 15 inches

Feel free to ask the questions you want and I will be happy to answer you as soon as

We accept orders from provinces and especially other countries such as the U.S., CANADA or other locations with a

We accept orders in

price per unit: $17

unit type: FOB

brand: Doffies

country of origin: Peru

can be delivered: All over the world


Country of origin:
Industrial sector: