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Product description

Flood Light PHB024(1000W/1800W/2000W)Materials and Characteristics: · Lamp protection grade IP65,Class 1 insulation Quality Aluminum Die-Cast Lamp Foreign anodic aluminum oxide reflector with better effect and less  5mm Tempered Convenient for maintenance when replacing the light source from side   Seal box for trigger is installed at the side of the is   separated from the trigger so that it works more stably;it can be far   away from the lamp for convenient installation and Reflector can be wide, medium, and narrow angle to control the   inclination more effectively for wider application and convenient   More ever, a vertical illuminative reflector plate is   Hot-Start trigger can be added so that the lamp starts and re-starts   faster, making up for gas-discharging lamp's
Application: · outdoor lighting of advertisement,building,   gymnasium,tennis court,dock,station,and