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Flattened Expanded Metal

Product description

Flattened expanded metal is the same product as Standard Expanded Metal, but
has been cold rolled by a flattening machine to give it a smooth flat The
Flattening reduces the thickness (gauge) of the material and bonds it down creating
Flat Expanded

As with the Standard Expanded Metal, this material is used in many fields such as Security, Power stations, Machine guards, and Flattened expanded metal is available in Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and many other

Varieties of Flattened Expanded Metal Materials:
Flattened Carbon steel Expanded Metal - Carbon steel
Flattened Aluminum Expanded Metal - Aluminum
Flattened Stainless steel Expanded Metal – Stainless Steel


Harmonized commodity:
HS 731450: Iron or steel; expanded metal
Country of Origin:
Industrial Sector: