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Product description

Rhomb can manufacture expanded steel sheet for every application including various patterns, mesh sizes and sheet Rhomb Expanded Steel is used for perimeter barrier fencing, security screens, gates, flooring, platforms, courtyard fencing, privacy screens, wind and hail breaks and to secure

Metal materials for expanded sheets include black steel, galvanized steel, coated galvanized steel, stainless steel and

Benefits of Using Rhomb Expanded Steel Sheet:
Stronger finished sheet products with lighter weight;
Suitable for decoration due to the variety of pattern types;
Versatile metal mesh allows light, heat and air through, while retaining its strength forming a very strong barrier for security

Expanded Steel Sheet Flooring:
Rhomb can supply expanded metal walkway mesh as security
This kind of flooring is available in steel, aluminium and stainless

We supply a wide range of open steel flooring in panels or cut to size with galvanized or plain Can also be supplied sheared to


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