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Product description

Product Description
expanded metal sheet with various opening sizes, pore shapesand sizes,pitch spacing and wide variety of applications are made for your

Type: Regular Expanded Metal Metal Flattened Expanded Metal Metal
Grating Expanded Metal Metal

Material option: steel(cold roll or steel plates) :
steel cold-rolled, hot dipped zinc plated, galvanized
carbon steel sheets aluminium expanded metal mesh
stainless steel expaneded metal mesh copper, brass, plastics, nicker ,silver, titanium

Different type:heavy weight expanded metal meshMedium weight expanded metal mesh
Light weight expanded metal mesh
(coarse mesh, medium mesh, fine mesh)

Opening type: diamond expande metal hexagonal expanded metal square expaned metal , decorative expand metal , expanded metal lath ,
angle bead

Use type:: Security Expanded metal Fence
Industrial Expanded metal Fence
Walkways Expanded metal Fence
Expnaded metal for building

Expande metal mesh use in Facades, roofs, fences, blinds, steps,walkways, soundproofing, filters, placards,

Our manufacture capacity including:
• Cutting, folding, notching
• Rolling, welding, shearing
• Plasma cutting, shortening, punching
• Screening, bonding, pleating
Surface treatment
• Galvanizing
• Pickling
• Electrolytic polishing
• (Powder)coaten
• Anodic treatment
Product Feature
Expanded Metal is used widely throughout the transportation industry, Agriculture, Security, Machine guards, Floorings, Construction, Architecture and interior The use of this kind of expanded metal mesh is highly beneficial, and of cost saving and low
Different styles available allow for multiple It can be made as your patterns and