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Product description

dreambox receiver:

dreambox 500s,dreambox 500c,dreambox 500t,dreambox 500hd,dreambox 800hd-s2,dreambox 800hd-

dreambox m500 s,dreambox dm500 c,dreambox dm500 t,dreambox dm500 hd,dreambox dm800 hd

dreambox dm800hd: hd dvb-s2+2usb(pvr)+multi--ca+enternet

msn &

skype: jilluk86



Contact: Ms Hotina

technische daten:

300 mhz mips prozessor

linux operating system

1 x smartcard-reader

mpeg-2 /mpeg-4( ) hardware decoding

tuner: dvb-s, optional: dvb-c, dvb-t

tuner module, plug&play

oled - display


Harmonized commodity:
HS 852871: Reception apparatus for television, whether or not incorporating radio-broadcast receivers or sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus; not designed to incorporate a video display or screen
Country of Origin:
Industrial Sector: