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Product description

DEM011 single phase electronic watt-hour meter

Application Type DEM011e single phase DIN watt-hour meter is a kind of new style single phase electronic watt-hour meter, the meter completely accord with relevant technical requirements of class 1 and class 2 single phase energy meter stipulated in National standard GB/T17215-2002 and international standard it can accurately and directly measure active energy consumption from single phase AC electricity , it can display total energy consumption by step type impulse register or LCD It has following features: Good reliability, small volume, light weight, specious nice appearance, convenient installation, Functions and features 35mm standard DIN rail installation, complying with standard DIN May select 5+1 digits register by step type or 7 digits LCD May select infrared carrier wave communication and RS485 serial port Impulse output when no power, complying with standard May select normal or simple