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Product description

CPP film & VMCPP are widely used as printing, sealing material for flower and food arrangements, detergents and packing dry foods such as tea,crackers, biscuits, dressing, CPP film adopts a special processing of 3-layer co-extrusion,and is a heat-sealing material used for variety of packaging It can be laminated with BOPP and BOPET or directly packaged after CPP film has high transparence and gloss, low COF, low sealing temperature, high sealing Approvals:FDA Food Contact Status: CPP film comply with the Food and Drug Administration regulation 21 CFR (c). This regulation describes polypropylene and olefin copolymers that can be safely used in articles used for packaging or holding food at low temperatures and/or room Typical Propertiesvailable Thickness [Micron] 18,20, 25, 33,35, 40, 50The Max width: 2000mmOPTICAL Haze 25 0 % ASTM D1003PHYSICALTensile Strength MD¬TD 25 70/35Mpa Mpa-kpsi ASTM D882AElongation MD¬TD 25 350/490 % ASTM D882ACOF (dynamic) A-A 25 ASTM D1894COF (static) A-A 25 ASTM D1894Sealing strength 25 12 NT15mmInitial sealing temperature 25 118 ’CSurface Wetting Tension 25 40 mN/m ASTM D2578


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