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Product description

Financial •Area and Accounting Planning Financial Analysis
Balance and Budget Projection
Determination of risk factors in Tributary the Asesoria

•Area Projects Formulation Development Intervention Management

•Trade Planning and Trade Strategic Planning Plan
Analysis Competition Trade - Behavior of Consuming The Development of
Sales Force - Customer Service Complete Strategy (Product
Price POP Branding Promotion
Markets (Competition Surveys Collecting and Analyzing Information

•Quality Management of the Implementation of Standards
Quality assessment and rediseene of organizational structures
Standardization and standardization of Rise processes and procedures and
documentation from the Activity Dictionary Evaluation and
Documentation of manual contests and Measurement Organization
Propose Service Loads Structure Plant positions and salaries
Pilot Scale Tests and Management and Documentary Adjustments

•Human Resources Management Administration
Occupational Health Occupational Risk Company Organization P N L
Qualification - Business Motivation Stress Management

•Area Development Technology Design and development of
Software to be metered

•Registration of Zone Physics and Labour Criminal Advisory Patents
Civil and Family

they •Corporate Image:

Advisory and analysis in the creation of the image Creation of
Logo logo restoration


Country of Origin:
Industrial Sector: