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Product description

cold press machine(AM-80T)

The hydraulic machine is used to glue furniture plates,

building partitions, doors, (that is, within the frame

and glue thin plywood) and in a variety of wood-based panel (such as plywood, block board, MDF, particleboard)

surface pressure Posts a variety of decorative material (such

as decorative paper, decorative fabric, fireproof melamine plate,

metal foil, thin man-made and natural wood, natural veneer parquet); can also be used

as a veneer drying leveling, leveling color decorative wood chips,

Main technical parameters

The largest machining dimension, with worktable

for standard

Max pressure: 80T

Working speed: 180mm/min

Voltage: 380V

Total power:

: 1000mm

Overall dimensions: 2860X1300X3400mm


Harmonized commodity:
HS 482370: Paper pulp; moulded or pressed articles or paper pulp
Country of Origin:
Industrial Sector: