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Product description

A kind of metal wire netting specially designed for breeding of chicken and other small Commonly used for garden fencing and small animal

We produces and exports chicken wire netting from quality iron wire, extensively applied as pipe wrapping in petroleum and chemical industries, for construction and residential windows, garden fence as well as fence for fish pools, poultry farms and

General roll width: 2',3',4',5',6',7'

General wire gauge (BWG): 14# to 26#
General specification: 1" 3/4",1/2",3/8",5/8",

Chicken mesh is commonly referred to as hex netting, poultry netting, or chicken It is made in galvanized wire before woven and stainless steel The typical sizes for chicken mesh are 1" and 2"

Uses: Chicken wire mesh, as its name shows, is commonly used for garden fencing and small animal pens including

Our company is a primary manufacturer and exporter of hexagonal wire chicken mesh available in various treatments including galvanized chicken mesh, plastic coated chicken mesh, brass chicken wire netting and stainless steel wire