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Product description

Beijing Richman is manufacturer of cashmere yarn, carded cashmere yarn, cashmere blended yarn, worsted cashmere yarn, pure cashmere yarn, cashmere blended with silk yarn, cashmere blended with cotton yarn, cashmere blended with wool yarn, handknitting cashmere yarn, angola yarn . Our yarn count are from 3/1nm to 60/2nm, 100% spun silk yarn count from 28nm to 200nm, 100% mercerized merino wool yarn count from 24nm to We can make single ply, double ply and even Our yarns are of natural white, or munti-color, which is best suitable for machine knitting sweater and hand knitting sweater, and weaving for scarves, shawl, fabric, so if you are interested in them please feel free contact with me, we are at your service