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Product description

Product Name: BMW OPS
Part : CCX305
Net Weight: 5KG
Introduction :
OPS is mainly used for diagnosis and programming BMW vehicles after E65 series .
OPS unit with DIS software is used for diagnosis , which is carried out via OBD-II
socket .OPS unit with SSS software is used for programming , which is carried
out via OBD-II socket and MOST socket .

Commodity : BMW OPS
Standard Configuration:
OPS multiplexer
OBD-II diagnostic cable
LAN cable
OPS MOST cable
HDD with preinstalled SSS V20 for IBM T30
HDD with preinstalled DIS V52 for IBM T30

Warranty: one-year product quality warranty
After sale service:
1) Free update during one year
2) Free repair and maintenance service in one year
3) Free technical support by internet or via phone



Country of Origin:
Industrial Sector: