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Product description

BVandM is a company/signature of lawyers it jeopardize with its
clients offering a service of quality simplicity etica honesty
professionalism efficiency effectiveness discrecion and rapidity

Who we participated in BVandM we want to serve to him and to
fight by its interests and is for that reason that day with day we
made an effort to improve and asi to offer him to greater quality in
services and attentions

The services that quick BVandM are the following ones:


Straight Administrative: In this area those existing relations between
the governed government and asi are taken care of as the fulfillment
of the obligations imposed to the governed ones in different laws Also
is contemplated the defense of the interests of the governed ones
against the acts of authorities and individual laws that harm
garantias of the governed ones

The areas that we included are the following ones:

1 Authorizations and Permissions for games drawings loterias and aids

2 Licitations direct awardings etc

Ínconformidades in procedures of acquisitions and works you
publish failures and licitations

4 Judgments before administrative courts or are local or

5 Administrative Resources (revision inconformidad revocation
complaints and reconsideracion) against diverse authorities

6 PROFECO Complaints law information denunciations you publish
and nobody transacts before the Federal Procuraduria of the Consumer

7 National Water Law Inherent and its Goods


1 Obligations goods civil successions familiar and contracts


1 Titulos de Credito (you will pay to checks and letters of

2 Operations of Credito

3 Mercantile Contracts


1 Denuncias before the Ministry I publish and PGR

2 Pursuit of penal subjects

3 Defense before presented/displayed denunciations


1 labor Relations

2 contractual Negotiations

3 labor contract Elaboration

4 Completion of labor relations

5 Liquidation of workers

6 labor Representation before the Meetings of Conciliation and

7 Negotiation with unions

8 Preparation elaboration revision modification and
inscription of Collective Contracts of Work and Contracts Law

9 labor Conciliations

10 Labor Representation


a) Rights of Author:

1 Work Registry

2 Reserve of Rights

3 Procedures of Aveniencia and Arbitration

4 Judicial Procedures related to this matter

5 Resource of Revision

6 Penal Procedures related to crimes against the Intellectual

7 administrative Procedures related to this matter

b) Marcas:

1 Management of marcarias searches

2 Registry of Distinguishing Signs (Marks)

3 Registry of Commercial Warnings (slogan)

4 Registry of Commercial Names

5 Procedures of Administrative Declarations (lapsing
invalidity cancellation and infractions)

6 Resource of Reconsideracion

7 Penal Procedures related to crimes against the Intellectual

8 Judicial Procedures related to this matter

9 administrative Procedures related to this matter

c) Clear:

1 Registry of Patents

2 Penal Procedures related to this matter

3 Judicial Procedures related to this matter

4 administrative Procedures related to this matter

d) Models of Utility:

1 Registry of Models of Utility

2 Penal Procedures related to this matter

3 Judicial Procedures related to this matter

4 administrative Procedures related to this matter

e) Disenos Industrial:

1 Registry of Disenos Industrial

2 Penal Procedures related to this matter

3 Judicial Procedures related to this matter

4 administrative Procedures related to this matter

f) Tax exemptions:

1 Creation of Tax exemptions

2 Conceptualizacion of the model of businesses

3 Financial Analisis

4 Manual of Operation

5 Commercialization of Tax exemptions

6 Corporative Reconstruction of the Franquiciante company

7 To circulate Supply of Tax exemption

8 Consultoria and Asesoria

9 Contracts and Agreements

10 Litigations

11 Registries before the Mexican Association of Tax

12 Registries before the National Institute of the Right of
Author and before the Mexican Institute of the Intellectual Property

13 Creation of Corporative Identity

g) Licensing de Intellectual Propiedad

1 Preparation and Negotiation for the licensing of
Intellectual Property

2 Creation revision and modification of Contracts and
Agreements by means of which the Licensing is carried out


1 Asesoria and consultoria related to the Law of Economica

2 Subjects and consultations related to Monopolies and
Disloyal Competition


1 Creation of Agreements and Contracts

2 Revision of Agreements and Contracts

3 Modification of Agreements and Contracts

4 Preparation of Agreements and Contracts

5 Negotiation of Agreements and Contracts


1 Creation Split Fusion Consolidation Transformation
Reconstruction and Liquidation of Societies and Associations

2 Minutes of Meetings of Together Shareholders of Advice and

3 Tramites before Fedatarios Publicos: Notaries and Publicos
Runners for example Granting of Powers formalization of certain you
transact Changes of Social Denomination and Trade name etc

4 Asesoria in General with respect to this matter for example
coinvestment foreign investment negotiations and structuring of
investment societies

5 Asesoria and Gestoria before the National Commission of
Foreign Investment

6 Asesoria and Gestoria before the National Registry of
Foreign Investments

7 Asesoria in the opening of branches and subsidiaries

8 Permanent Offices of Representation and Establishments

9 Tramites before the Secretary of Outer Relations

10 Corporative Government right of shareholders and
performances of the advice or civil employees of the societies or

11 Creation Revision and Modification of Codigos de Etica and
Buena Conduct

12 Manejo of Corporative books and Registries of Scriptures
Societies You publish and Powers before the Registry I publish of

13 Subjects and consultations related to the Law of Foreign

14 Subjects and consultations related to the Law of the
Market of Values

15 Subjects and consultations related to the Law of the
Banking National Commission and Values

16 Subjects and Consultations related to the Law of General
Taxes of Import and Export

17 Subjects and consultations related to the Customs Law


1 Asesoria Negotiation and Elaboration of Trusts with
Fiduciary Institutions or is national or foreign

2 Enterprise Activities

3 Administration and Payment of Premiums of Antiguedad

4 Acquisition of real estate in coasts and Mexican border

5 Asesoria Consultoria and Gestoria to real estate

6 Trusts or depositos of garantia

7 Asesoria and Consultoria in the matter of Insurances and

8 Contracts of Insurance


1 Fiscal Analisis in the matter of Coinversiones Fusions
Acquisitions Splits Liquidations Reconstructions Rentings Sale of
Active Financings etc

2 Asesorias and Consultorias in fiscal and countable audits

3 Legal Audits in Fiscal matter

4 Impuetsos

5 Asesoria and Consultoria in Intellectual Property related
to fiscal aspects

6 Litigations in Fiscal Matter

7 Asesoria and consultations to avoid the Tributacion double


1 Normatividad

2 Contracts

3 Judgments and Procedures in this matter

4 Subjects related to the Federal Commission of

5 Subjects related to the Secretary of Communications and


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Industrial Sector: