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Product description

AGRONIC 2500 is a complete fertigation controller, fully configurable with great us potential and with many extensions and communication
Equipped to control irrigation, fertilization, pumping, filter cleaning and malfunction detection, providing detailed chronological records of events and
The models have 9, 18 and 27 configurable outputs and 6 digital inputs in the base, also having several versions and
Extensions are available to accommodate readings of 2 analog sensors on the base itself or by using the AgroBee radio system to have more inputs and outputs, reaching up to 30 irrigation sectors, 2 pumps, 4 fertilizers and mixers, 1 general fertilizer, 9 filters, 20 digital sensors, 10 meter sensors and 10 analog sensors
Time and volume programming for both irrigation and fertilization, as well as filter cleaning, with the option to perform independent work actions for each
Start-up conditions and irrigation units or fertilizers can be influenced using
Remote management via SMS messages, as well as PC connections to three users or an irrigation community
The basic model is fully scalable, very easy to use and has an additional list of options to become a


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