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Product description

ilephone: 9087 skype: lauradvbyahoomenssenger: lauradvb1123

avatar 2011 fta receiver hawk microbox strong4799 strong2012 africa dongle watch dstv canalsat hitv mytv nilesat hotbird africa dongle/decoder dstv avatar 2 w3 a satellite FTA free to air receiver

Sharing satellites:
Eutelsat W7 at africa
Eutelsat W3 at TV
NSS7 at Horizons
Intelsat 10 at TV
Eutelsat W4 at
Hot Bird at 0 East--Al Jazeera Sport Channel
Hot Bird at 0 East--British Telecom Channel
Hot Bird at 0 East--Milano Teleport Channel
Hot Bird 8/9 at
Hot Bird @ 0 East--Cyfrowy Polsat Packages
Nilesat @ 0 West--Arab Digital Distribution Universe Packages
Nilesat @ 0 West--Al Jazeera Sport

africa dongle yahoomessager:lauradvb1123,
1,MPEG-2 digital and fully DVB complicant
2,Scart connectors and RCA / AV output
3,1800 channels TV&radio programmable
4,Video/audio decoding
Video decoding MPEG2 DVB compliant
Audio decoding MPEG layer 1 & 2 (32, 1, 48KHz)
5,Bit rate up to 15MB/s
6,Sound mode mono/stereo
7,Resolution 720*576 pixels
8,Format 16: 9, 4: 3 (letterbox, center cut-out)
9,Mains 80-250V~, 50/60Hz
10,Power consumption
11,RF input (for aerial) connector female iec 169-2
12,RF output connector male ice 169-2


2011 fta receiver
Country of Origin:
Industrial Sector:
africa dongle