VSI Series centrifugal impact crusher is on the basis of our company’s many years’ research and development, manufacture of mining machinery as well as absorbing home and abroad advanced technology. It is the international advanced level of the new generation of energy-saving, efficient crusher. the performance in a variety of ores a chronology of equipment plays an irreplaceable role. The machine can be widely used in metal and non-metallic minerals, building materials, sand making, crushing and shaping of all kinds of metallurgical slag. It is suitable for brittle materials with Mohs hardness under nine, not suitable for viscous material and rock with much dirt.

Advantage:1、Provide reasonable product selection and design. 2、Scientific workshop manufacturing arrangements. 3、Strict production process. 4、On time delivery

VSI Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Working Principle:In Centrifugal impact crusher, material of high speed is crushed by self-broken mutual friction. Centrifugal impact crusher can not only crush but also shape stones. According to feeding method, centrifugal impact crusher working form is divided into central feeding and central with cascade feeding. The crush form is divided into “rock on rock’ and “rock on iron” According to material compressive strength, abradability. There are four working forms: central with cascade feeding “rock on rock” and rock on iron”; central feeding “rock on rock” and rock on iron”. VSI Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Daily Maintenance: 1〉There should be some person responsible for the machine. Operator should be trained. understand technical performance of the equipment, familiar with the rules. 2〉To keep machine smooth running, draw out regulations of machine maintenance and safe operation. Meantime prepare necessary maintenance tools, lubrication material and other related equipments. 3〉Check firmware every shift, fasten immediately if any flexible. 4〉Stop the machine termly, open the checking door and check inside wear condition. Replace and remove immediately if any wear, werable block should be changed whole set if any wear to keep impeller balance in running. Replace or repair immediately if any wear on impeller. 5〉Check impeller firmware every 7 days, wearable parts should be replaced and repaired if any wear. 6〉Check firmware and wearable parts in whirlpool chamber every half a month, if any abnormal condition, take immediate means to remove. 7〉Thin oil station use 35# bearing oil, oil amount is 150-190L. Change oil in 200hours first time, then change oil every 1000. when change oil, open the oil pipe, clean and dry it, change damaged seal mat. 8〉Driving V belt tensioning is moderate, make sure v belt strain evenly, motors in two sides are imbalanced, the electricity current is not more than 15A. 9〉Check hydraulic system frequently, maintain immediately if any abnormal phenomenon. 10〉Add calcium base grease to seal ring under bearing chamber regularly. 11〉Open the bearing tube and clean in 1000 hour’s normal running first time.

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VSI Series

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