We deal in embryo snack of various flavor of fry crackers and sticks as follows:

Prawn crackers in white, Lobster crackers, Colored prawn crackers, Shellfish crackers, Crab crackers, Squid crackers, Seaweed crackers, Chili prawn crackers, Chili colored prawn crackers, Prawn potato crackers, Thai taste chili prawn crackers, Chili colored prawn sticks, Colored prawn sticks, Prawn sticks, Fish sticks, Seaweed sticks, Six taste seafood crackers, Seaweed sticks, curry flavor chips, carrot flavor chips, garlic flavor chips, cumin flavor chips, celery flavor chips, tomato flavor chips, chives flavor chips, pepper flavor chips, bone soup flavor chips,Mushroom flavor chips, Ginger flavor chips, Cushaw flavor chips, Spinach flavor chips, Celery flavor chips, Chive flavor chips,contact me for more further informations.

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