used rail scrap
used scrap

Used Rail Track Commodity: Used Rail Scrap R50-R65  2,000,000 MT Weight: 437.5 kg Official length 12.5 meters Price: CIF $150USD per/mt Payment Terms:  LC 2%PB / T-T 16 days Delivery B/L Minimum order: 10,000 m/t

Copper Scrap Commodity: Electrolytic copper cathodes Sheets (Grade A) Non LME Registered 3000MT Quality:  99.99% of copper cathodes Size:  914mm X 914mm X 12 mm approximately or 36” x 36” x 0.5 Packing: By Sheet in bundles 2mt +/- 1% per bundle Price:  $800 per M/T C.I.F

Aluminum scrap Price: US  $650 / Metric Ton Payment Terms: T/T or L/C (CIF ONLY) Packaging Detail: loose, Baled, Bundled in container about 50kgs/block bales or bundles, about 50kgs/bale Product Type: Aluminum Sheets scrap, Aluminum Extrusion scrap, Aluminum Dirty Sheet scrap and Copper Radiators scrap  Al Content (%):98 Fe<2%,  aluminum radiators scrap 1. Copper & aluminum radiators scrap    2. Wire from copper cables

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Used Rail Scrap R50-R65
ISRI 200-206
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Metric Ton

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