Plot sold in Argentina, Province of Mendoza. (San Carlos).Total + 25,000. hectares. Sell ​​an intermediary agent 3%.Pre-and high mountain area west of Argentina, the Andes Mountains.The property is located 190 km from capital city of Mendoza.This plot has 10,000. and 15,000 hectares for cultivation, rainfed or irrigated.It has two streams, one is born and dies on the property.Holdings: 1) adventure tourism or safari, horseback riding, no place of eternal snow.                             2) Agriculture and Livestock: ideal aromatic cultivar, potatoes, rye, oats, upland type.Livestock field can hold up to 2,000. cattle at weaning of 80%. alambrados.50 has 100 km of road km internos.5 Paddocks. + 200m2 manor house earthquake-resistant. + 100m2 Warehouse, Corral for 1,500 animals.Note: only sell direct investor. 

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