Is a new generation heat preservation products not burning fire.Is the natural oxygen magnesium chloride inorganic environmental protection material, the mechanical flow operation suppress compound into. Through the polishing modification, smooth surface, suitable for housing condole supports, decoration, partition, partition, heat preservation, fire doors linings, fire prevention space, purification board special lined with board, the central air-conditioning  ventilation pipe, it has noncombustible not blasts, water resistance, oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, non-toxic  mechanical higher characteristic.

 This productis the most light plank, completely replace woodiness board construction  decoration materials, in architectural decoration efficiency, high strength, while, at the same time also not by the water, wet steam or affected by decay,  is a non toxic, using inorganic mineralized material composition of good environmental protection building materials. Meet the national level 1 flame retardant stards. So widely used in high-rise buildings, hotels, office buildings, business shopping center, laboratories, factories, mobile home, hospital, the railway station, ballroom. Household homes, fire doors, purification board special ventilation pipe inside lining plate, such as fire prevention of the waterproof materials ideal.

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