Description :-Dead Sea Mud is a Natural Mineral-Rich Product That Is Harvested From The Shores Of The Dead Sea In Jordan. The Dead Sea Mud Mask color vary from the dark grayish or even light gray, depending on weather (mud becomes light gray during summer and grayish in winter) Its Natural Fluctuation . Dead Sea Mud Contains various minerals, especially calcium, silica, magnesium, and iron. Smooth viscous black paste free from grit and sand. Natural distinctive odor.


Form : Dead Sea wet paste Black Mud Mask , Cleaned & Filtered From Impurities , Stones , Large & Small Particles , Sterilized By Heat and Ready to be used on Body for Spa's & Personal use, also For Manufacturers to re formulate by adding Extracts , Essential or any Additives with maximum Moisture of 15-20%


Skin types: Gender : Female & Male All skin Types - Excluded individuals with Very Irritated sensitive and allergy level skin Don’t apply over the eye and /or lip areas. Keep out of the reach of children. Discontinue its use if redness or irritation occur.


Personal Use : Used on Body , Foot , Hand , Neck, & Hair

Cosmetic Use : It can be used alone or combined with Other Cosmetics Such as Creams , Shampoo's " for Soap Production , Re Formulated By Manufacturers " and Body wrap for weight lose and skin Treatment .


Ingredients :  Pure Natural Dead Sea Black Mud , Mineral Dead Sea Water No Color , No Fillers ,No Preservative & No Paraben


Cosmetics Name: Mineral Masque Shelf Life: 3 Years INCI : Maris limus (Sea Silt Extract) Quality : 100% Natural Appearance:  The Color Vary From The Dark Grayish Black To ​Dark Or Even Light Gray To Brownish , Depending On The Season And Weather Natural Fluctuation. Density: 1.56-1.76 - Consistency Dense Paste HS Code : 3304.99.90 Product Code : DSMB001​

​Quantity : 6000 Kg Price : 2.99 US$ Per 1 Kg Packing: 25 Kg Drum ​Pallets : Not Included ​Production Time:17 Business Days Delivery : Ex Factory ​Shipping : Cost will be Added

Samples : One (Test Samples 3.50 oz - 100 gm ), Is Free of Charged  - Picking up the Samples Must be arranged by Buyer - Amount spent on Samples will be completely returned to you in case of doing business with our Company. We hope and wish to have your total understanding on this delicate matter.

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