Main ingredients  formula: silicon powder + calcium powder + natural log pulp fibers

Product performance:

1,Good fireproof performanceCalcium silicate board is not burning A grade material, one thous when there is A fire, plank, also won't burn not toxic smoke

2,Good waterproof performanceCalcium silicate board has excellent waterproof properties in the bathroom, bathroom, high humidity place, can still keep the stable performance, will not exp or deformation.

3,high strenghCalcium silicate board, 6 mm thick high strength of plate of strength greatly more than 9.5 mm thick ordinary paper face plasterboard. All the Ann calcium silicate board wall solid  reliable, not easy damaged burst

4,dimensional stabilizationAll the Ann calcium silicate board adopts advanced formula,  strict quality control, the wet sheet production rose  dry shrinkage rate control in the most ideal range

5,heat insulation ,sound insulationAll the Ann calcium silicate board has good heat insulation performance, 10 mm thick partition wall heat insulation heat preservation performance was better than ordinary brick wall effect,  has the very good sound insulation effect

6,durability  long service lifeAll the Ann calcium silicate board the performance stability, acid  alkali resistant, is not easy to corrosion, also won't was moisture or insect damage, such as ant can ensure a long service life

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