Near the chain connection, wire of galvanized steel becomes of the high hot quality - (or pvc covered) inmersión of carbón low and is woven by the advanced auto
Fabricación de lámina perforada, placa,vigueta,solera, etc.
We dedicated to tranformación of the steel in his diferentesd types
Rail Scrap R-60 R-65
Rails usados.precio según demanded amount.
The welded panels of connection with autógena of wire have resistance to corrosión, the aging, the sun and the time, connection welded with autógena
The black cloth of the wire becomes of the steel of carbón low, annealed wire of the iron.
Malla inoxidable
Stainless mesh of wire of steel, resistant to the high tensile force, diametro: mesh 1 "" width 0.5 - 4 ms, length 5 - 25 ms; mesh 3 "" width 0.5 - 4 ms len
Network of hexagonal wire can extensively be applied like wrapis of the pipe in petróleo and químicas industries that también is used for the residential window
Connection of stainless steel wire, becomes of the stainless type of the steel wire of 304, 316,304l, 316l.
Near the wire connection they have resistance to corrosión, resistance that age, resistance of the sun and resistance of the time.
The connection of yellow copper wire becomes of the yellow copper wire, used in eléctricos rubber, filter and instruments.