Papaya for Sensitive Skin Exfoliation A wrap of fresh papaya. Naturally exfoliates while absorbing minerals & vitamins of this exotic fruit. Relaxing & nourishing. 1 h. Coconut for Dry Skin Exfoliation Gentle exfoliating rub with coconut. Finish with a natural gel. A necessary experience in the tropic. 1 h. Coffee and Macadamia Exfoliation Naturally exfoliating & exhilarating properties of coffee from Poás area plus indigenous macadamias combine in this unique Costa Rican body blend. Buffed and polished, your skin is then moisturized. 1 h. Carrot and Aloe Exfoliation Vitamins of both are great for reconstruction and hydration of skin. Gentle exfoliations rub with carrot. Finish with a natural gel. Unique and luxurious experience. 1 h. Back Exfoliation Let us personalize according to your necessities the ingredients to use in this beneficial treatment, each procedure will be attentive and special, only for you. 1 h. Pineapple and Honey Bee Exfoliation Discover all the regenerative properties of this exotic fruit next to the kindness of the organic honey bee. Special for backs with acne, all that you need to be cleaned and reduced to depth. 1 h.
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