Roupa de Ginastica - Activewear
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Twelve of goiaba - pote 600g - Caixa com 24 units - validade 18 months
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Accesorios para muebles
Accessories for modular furniture and, cajonera loss in diverse colors, square aluminum legs, support armed for plates, adjustable constants, articulated, cajon


Thermoplastic rubber on wire totally encapsulation.
Broad Extrato of tomato com 350g Caixa com 24 units valiade: 24 months
Porta retratos
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Luminaria BL 8 1x40W
Luminary Tubular for 1x40W Fluorescent Tube. Made of steel plate, painted manually.
Moldes y accesorios para Paletas Heladas
Molds, extractors and aligners for the elaboration of frozen trowels. carts, refrigerators, freezers, maquinas to make ice and display cabinets for sushi.
Twelve of goiaba - tablete 1.000kg - Caixa com 12 units - validade 12 months