WHEELMANCLUB CO., LTD is a factory specilized in manufacturing wheelman things. We produces the coolest and finest wheelman in the world. In 2009 we bring this NEW 49cc wheelman with CE, and EPA engine option to the market. We are the only manufacturer and world distributor of this product.

Regarding this 2009 wheelman, we uses a full stainless steel frame and fittings. The panels are machine made pp material like ATV' s and are flawless, available in five popular colors, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, and White. The rear wheel is adjustable for alignment and auto chain tension. Rims are now aluminium. You will agree we have a Spring. Get yours in stock for this years hottest spring seller. Territories are going fast so please do not delay. Your territory is based on quantity and is renewable for 6 month and 1year terms.

* What is this Wheelman thingy?

WHEELMAN A center mounted engine and frame, supported at each end by a spokeless wheel into which feet can be inserted while standing upright.
The 2008 wheelman has a 49cc 2 stroke engine which takes a mix of oil and gas just like a lawnmower. It holds around one liter of fuel and will give you a rush time of over an hour and speeds over 25MPH


The learning curve of the wheelman is very quick most can ride confidently the first day and is very similar to skate/snow/surf boarding. So, if you have any experience in these you will be surprised on how fast and easy you pick it up and will be doing wheelies and tricks in no time.

At speed you use body movement to steer and at low speed you can angle the front wheel from side to side with your foot.

The speed is controlled by a cable type controller held in your hand, both the throttle and disk brake are easy to use!

*** Wheelman original factory***
For more information, please visit us >> WWW dot WHEELMANCLUB dot COM
or Email Shirley Liu: liuyh1997 at gmail dot com


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