R.Muelle S.A. is a pioneer Peruvian company, one of the leaders in processing and exporting a large array of food and natural ingredients, like:

• Dehydrated medicinal and aromatic herbs, blams, natural colors, vegetable oils and other plant extracts.
• Agricultural produce and nuts.
• Dehydrated sea specialties.

More than thirty years of experience manufacturing and exporting special products, along with a state-of-the-art, personalized customer service, allows us to supply the best feasible products and services in each case. We fulfill the challenging technical and quality requirements of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biochemical, tanning, coloring and food industries worldwide.

Since we started in 1965, striving for timely accomplishment of our orders at highest quality standards has given us a solid standing and an above average growth rate in the national export sector. Continuous training of our personnel, specialized for years in production and trade, and the steady search for new ingredients and innovative uses qualifies us a reliable, dynamic company, able to provide fast and accurate solutions.

• Our raw materials and suppliers

The quality of our final products reflects the careful selection of finest raw materials, which are acquired from the best sources thanks to a broad network of conscientiously selected suppliers, covering the main production areas. We put special emphasis on development and management of reliable supply chains in partnership with primary producers and collectors to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and an adequate protection of ecosystems and their biodiversity.

• Our production facilities and quality control

Our plant and warehouse are located in the port of Callao, Lima, very close to the overseas shipping docks. There we have all necessary facilities for processing, selecting and packing of our products according to the required quality standards, and complying with the most demanding sanitary regulations, in order to guarantee the innocuousness of our products.

• Customers and markets

Our products are directly delivered to more than 100 major customers through a selected network of approved agents, spread over the main markets. Our sales are distributed as follows:
Europe & Asia: 50%
Latin America: 30%
North America: 20%

• Company mission

We are committed to offer a customized and professional service and to fulfill timely and accurately any requirement of Peruvian natural products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biochemical or food industry, with the added value of well documented products sources, environmental safeguards and sustainable use.


Paprika powder ,Quinoa,Black eye beans,Peruvian Brazil nuts,Fava beans,White Lima beans,Yellow canary beans,tara,Shark cartilage powder,Shark fins,Green and black olives
White giant corn,Pigeon peas

Fish maw,Shark cartilage powder,Shark fins

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