Quanzhou Chaopai Electronics Co., Ltd., Fujian Province,China was established in 1996, is a professional mobile phone, digital, notebook computers, external mobile power development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Our main prodouts are:18650 roll core, 18650 lithium battery, polymer batteries, lithium batteries, mobile power, chargers, etc., in the process of industrialization, the Chaopai has always attached great importance to research and development work to enhance their development potential and improve market competitiveness. Chaopai in " integrity-based, credibility first" business philosophy, focus on "service, quality, price," the three core elements, efforts to improve the market competitiveness of the products ,its produced by the National Light Industrial Products Battery Testing Center, the State Administration for Commodity Inspection Board test qualified. Products have been exported to Europe, Asia, Middle East and other dozens of countries.


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