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We are the only manufacturer worldwide of Herbal Anti-Cancer product "CARCTOL"
CARCTOL is in use since 1979, and ever since last 30 years it has benefited thousands of cancer patients worldwide, verified by reports coming out normal.
"CARCTOL" is a prescription only drug, has got no side effects, safe for human consumption which has been tested at AIIMS(New-Delhi) and London(kindly visit clinical test and reports on
CARCTOL works effectively on all types of cancer, and on any stage even on last stage and on hospital refusal cases as well.
It can be taken along with other treatments including chemotherapy,radiotherapy,surgery.
It also helps reducing side effects of chemo .
In India it is being prescribed to patients from last 30 years, In U.K,Nepal, Pakistan, Romania it is being prescribed from last 10 years, Presently patients from all corners of world approach us for treatment.
We Are a GMP &ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company.
We Have MFG, COPP, GSP & Free Sales Certificates
It is a Patented and copyright registered product
We have presently distributors at U.K, Romania, Pakistan, Nepal and some more countries are in pipeline.
With high growing demand worldwide, we have decided to appoint our distributors in all countries; we are looking for sound and suitable Pharma Companies or parties to be our distributor partners.
This is a great high demand business opportunity, and along with business you will be able to save lives of many cancer patients.
International Media coverage to Dr Nandlal Tiwari and CARCTOL visit: (The Daily Telegraph-20th Sep 2004-U.K) (India Post, March 2010-USA) (Mail Today, Nov-2009-New-Delhi) (Life Positive, June-2010-India)
If you are interested in our product kindly let us know, we can send you detailed literature to know efficacy, safety, manufacturing, reports of patients treated and other details of CARCTOL.
For more details visit:
Carctol Family


Herbal Anti-Cancer "CARCTOL"

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